Phyto de Luxe

The Philosophy
Phyto de Luxe signifies the comeback of a once revolutionary face cream by Mila d'Opiz — combined with today`s know‐how and the most up to date level of Anti‐aging technology. Phyto de Luxe combats the three different kinds of Skin Aging: photoaging, hormonal aging as well as the chronological skin aging. Phyto de Luxe — the luxurious skin care experience with the most precious ingredients the plant world has to offer.
Wellbeing at the highest level
  • „Lifting‐cure“ with Phyto Lift Gold Essence
  • Daily day and night care for face and neck with Phyto Lift Cream Sensitive
  • Intensivcare of lines and wrinkles: Phyto Lift Cream
  • Intensive anti aging care for all skin types: Phyto de Luxe Moisturising Lotion
  • Immediate lifting effect: Phyto DS Forbidden Serum