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Classics Sanddorn Cream
Sandorn Cream brings new energy to tired skin. Rich vitamin sources work in combination with precious sea buckthorn extract to provide an ideal intensive care solution for dry, brittle and tired skin in need of protection.
Disinfectant Hand Cleaning Gel
With this disinfectant and moisturizing hand cleansing gel, you will reduce the risk of infection to a minimum. The gel consists of 65 percent ethanol – from an ethanol content of 62 percent, the corona-virus is inexistent. Thanks to the gel texture, the products stands out from conventional liquid disinfectants, which melts between the hand and makes it difficult to use in unfavorable situations. The fresh scent of the disinfectant hand cleansing gel smells pleasant and has no typical “disinfectant smell”. Unlike other disinfectants, our gel wont make the skin dry. For those who suffer from dry skin during cold temperatures, we can offer you our lovely handcream, which you should use after our very effective disinfectant hand gel, as it provides extra moisture. In order to fight the viruses propertly, we recommend to start with our foam soap. Therefore, please follow the following procedure during tough Corona times: Foam soap Disinfectant hand cleaning gel Hand cream
Hyaluronic⁴ Concentrate
The high concentration of different types of hyaluronic acid smooths out lines and wrinkles in the epidermis, working as an exceptional instant wrinkle filler. The active ingredients of the concentrate stimulate the cell renewal process. As a result, the skin becomes more toned and appears young and elastic. 
Hyaluronic⁴ Day Cream
The day cream contains a fourfold hyaluron complex of high-quality, molecularly encapsulated hyaluron in four different molecular sizes. Skin is left lastingly hydrated, and lines and wrinkles are softened.
Hyaluronic⁴ Eye Cream
This Eye cream uses a quadruple hyaluron complex of high-quality, molecularly encapsulated hyaluron in four different molecular sizes, for effective and rapid absorption. Daily use visibly replenishes moisture deposits, while reducing wrinkles.
Hyaluronic⁴ Night Cream
The night cream contains a fourfold hyaluronic complex made up of high-quality, molecularly encapsulated hyaluronic acid in four different molecular sizes, for deep and effective replenishment of the skin’s moisture deposits. The hyaluronic booster provides a fresh and youthful appearance.
Hyaluronic⁴ Tonic
The invigorating alcohol-free facial tonic revitalises the complexion without leaving the skin feeling tight. The tonic optimally prepares the skin for subsequent care steps by stabilising its protective acid mantle, refreshing it and lending it moisture and softness.
Hydration Concentrate
This Hydration Ampule is an energy booster and thirst quencher in one, noticeably and comfortably replenishing the skin’s moisture deposits. A true fountain of youth for the skin.
JK by Mila d’Opiz Soft Body Lotion
The vitalizing and firming ingredients in the body lotion draw their strength from nature. Edelweiss extract, vitamin B and heart seeds nourish and protect your skin, the unique Lipex Cellect formula combats the effects of environmental stress as well as premature skin aging. JK by Mila d’Opiz products are delivered without a folding box. That protects the environment and your wallet.
Men After Shave Gel
The After Shave Gel soothes the skin after shaving while also providing it with plenty of moisture. Its refreshing and cooling effect means the gel can be used for 24-hour care. Its slightly anti-inflammatory ingredients firm the skin and promote collagen stimulation.

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